Leave It Behind

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Chances are you’ve heard those words at least once in your life. There is nothing but truth to that statement.

I have spent what feels like my whole life comparing myself to others.

I’ve compared myself to my cousins, siblings, friends, colleagues, my former self and even the stranger that walked past me a few minutes ago.

Chances are you’ll always manage to find someone “better” than you.

Now isn’t any different, as I compare myself to other bloggers or writers.

My pictures don’t look like they’re straight out of Pinterest nor do they meet the aesthetics of most blogs.

But, for the past few years I’ve noticed that comparison has never gotten me anywhere.

It may show me what I have to work on and sometimes push me to be better, but for the most part it’s just a self-deprecating act that amounts to nothing.

For example, I wasn’t going to post this because what even is this pose (swipe right),but then I thought: I was laughing, goofing around and having a great time, so who cares?

The fact is that as much as you try and compare yourself to others, you have something they don’t— your voice, your mind, and everything that makes you, you.

Entirely unique.

Those are parts of you no one will ever be able to obtain. The very things others compare themselves to.

It’s an unsatisfactory game that steals your joy.

I’m working on leaving that game behind, why don’t you join me?

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