Birthdays: When They Are No Longer Around

On our birthdays we celebrate another orbit around the sun. Another year of growth, increased wisdom and memories made. The memories made throughout the years tend to make their way back to the top of your mind, like a recap of the years passed. You can’t help but smile.

But when that day comes around for someone who is no longer here, it serves as a reminder of their absence. Sadness creeps its way back up. The memories do too, except now you long for the memories you never got to make; to the experiences you wish they were a part of, like your wedding; the smile you wish you could see one more time; and the calls you wish you’d answered.

They’re not alive anymore, no completed orbit around the sun to celebrate.
The recap of memories remain and although many memories are happy, you can’t help but think of those that could’ve been.

2 thoughts on “Birthdays: When They Are No Longer Around

  1. I feel that hard, I lost a close family member when I was young and she shaped alot of my hobbies and passions, ultimately I decide to carry on that legacy for others, be the light she was for me.That and we have 2 pictures of her we always keep up, one of her watching a movie (her passion) and then one with her getting tipsy at new years (very funny for an 86 year old, at the time)Still, it's hard especially moments that you just cant help but think of them


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