What’s My Logo All About?

What’s my logo all about?

I am not going to tell you guys that it came to me easily because that is far from the truth. Before deciding on this logo I drew up about a dozen more and asked almost everyone I know to help with ideas. Then, after a lot of thinking (trust me it was a lot) I narrowed it down to five designs. Even then I was STILL indecisive— that comes with being a libra. Finally, after some advice from my loved ones, and a moment of “enough, just pick one”, I chose this design.

This logo encompasses some of the many things that make me, me.

First the paper plane symbolizes writing, after all, paper is the most basic writing material. The plane also symbolizes my love for traveling, while the blue circle is a very minimal representation of the Earth, which I’m eager to explore; blue is also my favorite color. Lastly, the plane is an analogy of how I want to live my life: freely, gracefully and to the fullest. I love to write, travel and write about traveling, the logo has them all.

The T, and the series of lines and dots that make up the trail of the plane actually spell out my name, Tere. The T is obvious, but the rest of my name not as much. The remaining e-r-e, is shown in morse code (. . _ . .) as it is repeated to complete the T and the trail of the plane.

Side note: Adobe Illustrator is great for logos, if anyone is interested in making their own.

What do you guys think of the logo and what would yours look like? 

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