About Me

Hi guys!

I am Tere, the face behind Tere Talks.

I wanted to introduce myself:

  • I was born in Venezuela and am a proud Venezuelan— if you can’t tell by this pic.
  • I attended seven schools and lived in five different places by the age of 15.
  • I am a Journalism major, who previously thought she wanted to work in the medical field. I still love science nonetheless.
  • I am a MAJOR foodie, I like just about everything but ice cream is my favorite food.
  • There is nothing more valuable to me than my family, friends and dogs.
  • Traveling and concerts are my favorite way to spend money.
  • I love to read, listen to music and watch Netflix. If you haven’t watched Peaky Blinders yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s the best show hands down.

You’ll learn more about me as we go but that’s a pretty good start.

I have a lot to talk about and I hope you decide to stay.

Much love,

Tere V.

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